Hey, I'm Matt and this is my dog Darky. I used to be just your average guy-next-door until an accident in the Amazons changed my life forever
With the help of DARK DOG Energy Drink, Darky and I transform into Canman - the world's most energetic superhero
I struggle with the responsibility of being a superhero and having a secret identity
I realize there are too many people out there who need my help
There are a lot of sacrifices that come with my fate, and sometimes it can get overwhelming
But I feel it is duty is to use my power and energy to fight evil
I’m so glad that I have my best friend Darky by my side. I wouldn't trade this adventure for a thing!


You're about to enter the world of Canman Comic.

Get ready to meet world's most energetic superhero!

Canman was created by DARK DOG Energy Drink. He is an image of positivity and sets a good example for his readership. In line with DARK DOG, he encourages energy and activity.

The motto he lives by is 'HEROES ONLY' inspiring normal people to be unique and heroic in their own life.

Dive into the thrilling comic of Canman!

Read and re-read all issues, discover games, trailers and more!

The webcomic is published every two weeks and is available in English, Spanish, and German.

Dramatic story lines, thrilling cliffhangers and diverse characters make Canman Comic so exciting.

Prepare for a new adventure! #HeroesOnly