Canman City Hero®

In Canman City Hero you slip into the role of Canman in order to save 12 cities around the globe from villainous attacks. Fight against time, drop energy beams and gain special attacks to stop Mr. Drowsiness and Co. from destroying the world and become a Canman City Hero. Are you up for the challenge?

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Reading App®

Keep up-to-date with the Canman comic when you are on the go! The Canman reading application allows you to read the comics on mobile devices. Published comics appear as magazines in a stand, allowing you to easily select an issue to read choosing by image or issue number.

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Canman Game®

The Canman game is a simple yet entertaining game suitable for everyone! The 2D infinity run mobile game is available for IOS iPhone, iPad and Android. You begin as Matt, turning into the faster, more powerful Canman after drinking a can of DARK DOG. Run, jump, collect items and use your superpowers to kill enemies. The further you go, the faster you run!

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